Speak your truth

"In the space where thoughts disappear, I discover new meaning." Haiku by Gloria Mannazzu
“In the space
where thoughts disappear,
I discover new meaning.”
Artwork and Haiku by Gloria Mannazzu.






If I could speak with the characters of my paintings


He was in love with her but he never told her.

Running down the stream of his thoughts he never managed to say a word.

“A complete disaster“, he told himself. Inside him, feelings resting on the uncovered surface were asking to be noticed.

She never heard him say anything. She even felt that he was not that interested in her and definitely not available as he never made a move.

He was shocked to hear that he was never going to see her again. He missed his chance in life to be happy.

In silence, his regret grew to an unbearable sense of meaninglessness. “How could I have wasted this opportunity to find fulfilling companionship and true connection?”

He knew he was not going to find another woman like her. “It was a fact“, he thought.

How interesting life can be when misunderstandings create our realities.

Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps he was never going to have the chance to talk with her and tell her that he was not indifferent to her, expressing his real feelings.

Where do you take the strength to say words that can change your life?

Indifference might seem to make us strong, but it freezes our soul.

Unless we are open to feel vulnerable, we will never risk falling in love nor receiving love from the outside. 

Safety in this context may mean that we will never feel close to anybody.

The choice of taking a risk might turn your life around. 

Listen to your feelings. They are valuable.

If you have that chance, do me a favour, take it. She might have said: “Yes, I would like to get to know you better.”


© Text, haiku and artwork by Gloria Mannazzu (2020). All rights reserved.