“Tailwinds” (2020) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 7


The essence of who we are
when there is nobody
when I feel you are my twin
when we create from scratch
when we jump from nowhere
to get where we are standing.

We don’t need to achieve anything.
We have already arrived
there is no end point
only the beginning of something new.

“Tailwinds” (2020) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and seventeen artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.

1- Tailwinds
2- Key to Insight
3- I do care
4- The essence of who we are
5- Understanding you
6- Intentions behind actions
7- Find the method
8- Stop waiting
9- Back to myself
10- My Higher Self
11- Freeze the mind
12- Immersed in silence
13- Yours
14- Ode to the World

© 2020 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved