“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 6


I can hear you
but I can’t understand
the way whispers
fade away.

The truth should stay,
build foundations of rocks
it does not matter anymore
the time has passed.

Where was I?
In the depth of a mind
eager to find solutions
I lost the chance of
being there.

I could hear you
but I could not understand
the way you spoke to me
as I was looking away.

Tied to ideas
I wanted to be right
I wanted my way but
the world is not my game.

It’s the arrogance of
who wants to reduce risks
playing safe
repeating recipes of
what was already done.

“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and six artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.
1- True peace
2- Unlimited fields of wheat
3- The monster in the cave
4- Being
5- Peace in each instant
6- I can hear you
7- Seeking joy
8- Whatever it takes
9- As a stranger
10- Saying nothing
11- Swim in bliss
12- The key lesson
13- Visions
14- Facing the unknown

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