“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 4


I am again
thinking I should be
somewhere else
feeling different
being changed by
desires of what should come.

I am again
facing the giant cliff
the illusion of choice
I choose to choose
I choose to choose.

As in ancient traditions of truths
I can finally accept
that having no expectations
releases the monster from the cave,
the ego will not climb
it will freeze in the moment
you can say “it’s ok”.

“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and six artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.
1- True peace
2- Unlimited fields of wheat
3- The monster in the cave
4- Being
5- Peace in each instant
6- I can hear you
7- Seeking joy
8- Whatever it takes
9- As a stranger
10- Saying nothing
11- Swim in bliss
12- The key lesson
13- Visions
14- Facing the unknown

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