“Tailwinds” (2020) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 17


It’s so frustrating
Me and you apart
immersed in silence
we cannot move.

We have to endure
the pain of not finding a solution
where we could feel peace
where we could feel safe.

“Tailwinds” (2020) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and seventeen artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.

1- Tailwinds
2- Key to Insight
3- I do care
4- The essence of who we are
5- Understanding you
6- Intentions behind actions
7- Find the method
8- Stop waiting
9- Back to myself
10- My Higher Self
11- Freeze the mind
12- Immersed in silence
13- Yours
14- Ode to the World

© 2020 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved