“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 5


If I could just be
having put together all the dew drops
left untouched during the years
I could create a small pond
a place where there would be only me.
The liquid would evaporate perhaps,
forgiveness arrives unexpectedly
raising above earthly matters.

If I could just be
without worrying about doing
I could extract the life’s essence and
drink the elixir of beauty
dancing with my heart,
under the radiance of rays of harmony
I would be ready to love.


It happened one night
I had no needs
I felt complete
I knew I took the leap
I had to be discreet.

It happened one night
I don’t need you anymore
I walk my way
I am free from illusions.

The heart knows
I have learnt my lessons
I have set up new goals
I have taken steps towards a new me.

It happened one night
the freedom from one thought
the battle ceased to exist
the fight was not there anymore.

Peace in each instant
knowing I am ok
knowing this moment is perfect
knowing I will be always be ok.

“Seeking Joy” (2019) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and six artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.
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2- Unlimited fields of wheat
3- The monster in the cave
4- Being
5- Peace in each instant
6- I can hear you
7- Seeking joy
8- Whatever it takes
9- As a stranger
10- Saying nothing
11- Swim in bliss
12- The key lesson
13- Visions
14- Facing the unknown

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