Behind that mystery of yours
called “detachment”,
I grasp now what it all meant.

You gave me a lamp with a blue sky,
a secret manuscript of complete understanding,
a mental place for my new living.

Because of you,
I know what I want.


Find the method
to feel safe
when no one is around.

Find the method
to motivate yourself
when there are no incentives.

Develop the inner force
that leads you
to wiser choices.

Shine with your behaviour.
Trust that you’ve found meaning.

Let life unfold but
shape your ways.

“Dear Fear” (2021)

1- An ice cube in the desert
2- Circle of oblivion
3- Green veins
4- Inside your fist
5- Fly forever
6- Dear Fear
7- Our future selves
8- Strangers we are
9- The price of changing
10- Inner knowing
11- Detachment
12- The method
13- A cage with golden bars
14- Behind logic arguments

© 2021 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved.