Strangers we are to ourselves
when we look somewhere else
instead of healing the flame,
that thunder inside of us.

Strangers we are to ourselves
when we could liaise with
unknown parts of us
gaining an unexpected freedom.

Keep thinking about me.
Perhaps we’ll discover
a bond that comes from beyond.


What’s the price of changing?
Will you reach happiness?
Over and over repeating wishes
to change realities.

“I am here now.”
The ever growing mindful madness
clearing the space,
but joy can’t stay.

When you’ll find yourself tired,
imagine you’ve arrived already.
You never left home.

It was nowhere.
A nightmare left unfelt.
A song never written.
A breath still full of air.

“Dear Fear” (2021)

1- An ice cube in the desert
2- Circle of oblivion
3- Green veins
4- Inside your fist
5- Fly forever
6- Dear Fear
7- Our future selves
8- Strangers we are
9- The price of changing
10- Inner knowing
11- Detachment
12- The method
13- A cage with golden bars
14- Behind logic arguments

© 2021 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved.