“Cherry Trees” (2018) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 8/15


Trying harder
to push the line
of our limits.

We can thrive
we can change
we can step up.

The origins of our dreams
born when we were not here
are unknown.

Our destiny perhaps
builds a dam
so that we are not overwhelmed.

We are so close
we can really touch our forefingers
Look at me
Talk to me.

“Cherry Trees” (2018) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and eleven watercolours by Gloria Mannazzu.

1- Cherry Trees
2- Keep quiet
3- Will you join me?
4- Grantees only
5- Renewing vows
6- Fearing absolutes
7- We can thrive
8- Learning new ways
9- A common path
10- Have the courage to cry
11- Your prayers
12- Gratitude
13- Where are you now?
14- Then poetry will save me

© 2018 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved.