“Elements of the Divine” (2019) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 7

"Elements of the Divine" (2019) - Chapbook - Gloria Mannazzu - 7


without burdens
I judge my past actions
I forgive to forget
the worries that fly
as storms take over.
I will not proclaim
I am free from clutter
pieces of my old self
left behind forever.
With new pieces
I take action
I have built a new structure
there are oceans that flow
there are crossroads.
My heart listens and speaks,
the mind is quiet,
I can now ascend
a level where I can grasp
true love.


It would be you
out of the shadows of
monuments built for different reasons
that would stand still.
It would be you
who would move
metaphors of impossible tasks
to join me.
There could be a way
where our futures will cross:
imagine me,
I will imagine you.
Both thinking each other,
energies linked together
to create a powerful field
where the time stops and
there is only the present moment.
I imagine you
you will imagine me
telepathy will trigger our
new realities.

“Elements of the Divine” (2019) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and six artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.

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12- Metaphors of impossible tasks
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14- The truth will always find you

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