“Elements of the Divine” (2019) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 6

"Elements of the Divine" (2019) - Chapbook - Gloria Mannazzu - 6


Know where you are heading
when you seek the truth
your point of view
might lead you
where there is a dead end.
Know what you are getting
after having paid the price
of having to let go your own creations.
I can feel once again
the warmth coming from my heart
I had divided my soul
I can now sense the energy coming back.
I can handle my pain
blood is flowing again
I am alive
I am aware.


I know you
deep inside
a forest of ungrown seeds
waits for drops of holy water
made with our tears of future joy
pieces of ourselves
we are one body, one soul.

“Elements of the Divine” (2019) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and six artworks by Gloria Mannazzu.

1- Elements of the Divine
2- Transform moments into eternities
3- The street that warriors take
4- A moment of revelation
5- In my Pandora’s box
6- Reasons don’t matter
7- A distant place of joy
8- Mines of gold and diamonds
9- Know where you are heading
10- Tears of future joy
11- Alive without burdens
12- Metaphors of impossible tasks
13- My inner universe
14- The truth will always find you

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