“Cherry Trees” (2018) – Chapbook – Gloria Mannazzu – 5/15

"Cherry Trees" (2018) - Chapbook - Gloria Mannazzu - 5/15


Will you join me?
Despite the looks of
people who don’t know us
we will open our hearts.

It will be a revelation
we will enact our beliefs
we will understand the virtual space
that space where we are together.

Will you join me?
We will speak citing poems of long lost love
we will cease to complain
for what we did not get.

Breathe slowly and
look at me.
Open the gate
the road to our needs
we will walk together.


Running the machine
as if you were the owner
this body of ours
has been given to us
but we are grantees only.

Listen dear soul
there is a fountain
down the hall
I can see you there
for a short talk.

I don’t really know you
I thought I did
that was an image of my creation.

I projected all of my wishes
into a fantasy of thinking
you were matching my needs.

I know I can pretend
you were not there
but you have for a while
been part of my life.

“Cherry Trees” (2018) – Chapbook with fourteen poems and eleven watercolours by Gloria Mannazzu.

1- Cherry Trees
2- Keep quiet
3- Will you join me?
4- Grantees only
5- Renewing vows
6- Fearing absolutes
7- We can thrive
8- Learning new ways
9- A common path
10- Have the courage to cry
11- Your prayers
12- Gratitude
13- Where are you now?
14- Then poetry will save me

© 2018 Poems and artworks by Gloria Mannazzu. All rights reserved.